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Murton Heritage Society

Murton Heritage Society (M.H.S.) would like to thank the following organisations for providing financial and other assistance to establish, operate and sustain further expansion of our activities.

 Heritage Lottery Fund
 East Durham Trust
 ING. Real Estate
 Durham County Council
 District of Easington Council
Murton Parish Council
 Murton Welfare Association

Murton Settlement Renewal Initiative

Northumbrian Water Ltd

The latest project being undertaken by MHS which is being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund  is a Miners Banner restoration project in partnership with South Hetton, Shotton and Sacriston Banner Groups. The project involves the restoration of seven banners which is being undertaken by Michelle Harper a textile conservator based in Stoke on Trent. The first five banners have been restored with two of them being paraded at the 2010 Miners Gala, the remaining banners were completed in April 2011.

Once again it is thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund that four community groups have been able to work together and preserve part of their Heritage for future generations.

MHS is a not for profit organisation, any funds raised are used to sustain and further develop the activities of the society for the benefit of the community.

Murton Heritage Society will gratefully accept any photographs or items of memorabilia that members of the public would care to make available that can be added to our ever expanding collection.

The success of M.H.S. has mainly been possible due to generous donations by individuals of photographs and memorabilia, on the basis of sharing treasured memories and experiences, that we are seeking to preserve for future generations.

Any photographs made available are copied, catalogued, stored on our computer system and displayed in our gallery and at future exhibitions. The originals are returned to the owner. Please see items for sale for terms and conditions of copyright.

Photograph of the McGinn heritage gallery, first floor of the Glebe Centre. 

Heritage Gallery