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About us

M.H.S. was established in 2002 with some initial funding by ING and support from Murton Welfare Association who gave MHS a permanent home in the Glebe Centre.

The initiative for the Society came from Derek Gibson (as Secretary) an ex- colliery electrician who built up the Society around a core group of like minded enthusiasts consisting of Alan Bell (as Chair) a retired miner and Brian C. Lawson (as Treasurer) a retired official, all from Murton Colliery . Sadly Brian passed away before the Society was fully established but his legacy is that the Society which he helped to found has gone from strength to strength.

MHS has seen the organisation grow with a Committee established. Members have come and gone over the years with each individual making their mark, adding their contribution to the development of MHS and helping to maintain the fabric and culture of their community.
Sadly over the last few years we have seen some of our members Brian Lawson, John Ambler, Susan Weightman and George Meddes pass away. Their legacy being the work and dedication in establishing the Heritage Society and an impresive photographic archive of our village. Although their work and friendship are irreplaceable the present members are determined to honour their names by continuing on with the work, building on the strong foundations that they provided.

The present Committee consists of George Maitland Chairman, Derek Gibson Secretary and Ann Cowley Treasurer with members Marie Taylor, Elaine Miller, David Salkeld, Anne Stark and Keith Wren. The Society meets every Wednesday evening between 6pm to 7:30pm in the Heritage Room upstairs in the Glebe Centre, Murton.

Disabled access to the Glebe Centre is available and new members of the group are always welcome.

Murton Heritage Society Management Committee

Back Row left to right John Ambler, George Maitland, Derek Gibson, Keith Wren, David Salkeld Front Row Anne Stark, Susan Weightman.

The objectives of the Society set out in our constitution are:-

  1. To establish a Heritage Home within the Glebe Centre, Murton for the benefit of all the members of the Society, the general public, local groups and educational facilitators without distinction of age, gender, race, disability, politics, religions or other opinions.
  2. To develop and advance facilities for the protection and expansion of heritage, art, culture and education with the object of improving community life by promoting a “Spirit of the Community”.
  3. To educate residents, youth and the general public in the history of the village of Murton and the immediate surrounding areas, for future generations.

Typical tasks carried out by the group on a weekly basis are

  • Taking photographs of the village and record the present developments
  • Scanning Photographs that have been donated by other members of the community
  • Printing all of the photographs and mounting them onto card (for exhibitions)
  • Catalogue all of the photographs into a rage of set folders depending on subject matter
  • Prepare the display boards for our annual display
  • Prepare and distribute mobile display boards around the care homes in the village on a regular basis
  • Compile a list of the War Dead from the first and Second World War with details from The Commonwealth War Graves web site and various CD's. 
  • Create a range of calendars, book marks, key rings and fridge magnets for sale at our exhibition
  • Scan various documents and convert into MS Word for reference. 
  • Update the web site with new information or photographs.